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June 2016





  • Welcome to my little corner of the internet. This is where I can say what I want about whatever I like. That's why this blog is a mish-mash of everything in my life. You might hear me vent, see pictures of my life or you might get to read comments from me about the meaning of life. You just never know.

    Who am I? I am a work at home mom of 2, wife to 1.
    I am a romantic at heart.
    I want to fix the world even though it's impossible.
    I see the good in people usually and try to give good back.
    I volunteer.
    I believe in family, friends and want everyone I care about to be truly happy.
    I love pink.
    I love 80's music. In fact I'm still stuck there!
    I want my kids to be successful and use their talents in their lives.
    I love my dog.